5 Reasons Why You’re Spending Too Much Time at the Pharmacy

Great, you have to go to the drugstore or pharmacy. That’s the last thing you want to spend your time doing.

Why do we end up spending way too much time at the pharmacy? It should be an in-and-out kind of thing. However, it’s not always a quick errand. Luckily, there’s SpotRx.

Here’s why you’re spending too much time at the pharmacy:

Wait Times

Doesn’t it seem like everyone has the same idea you do? Going to pick up some medicine, supplements, and other essentials after work or school can lead to long wait times at check-out. The last thing you want is more time for the person behind you in line to snoop in your basket with those judging eyes.


It makes sense that the pain reliever would be easy to find, but drugstores don’t always make sense. If you feel like a zigzag going across the store, aisle to aisle, trying to find what you need, you’re not alone. Using your brain to think hard about what aisle the NyQuil is on is just not what you want to do when you’re not feeling well.


Going to the pharmacy for Tylenol? Chances are you’ll leave with much more. Drugstores usually place certain items in places where you’re most likely to look at them. Unless you are laser focused, you’ll probably get distracted and shop for more stuff. This isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe you actually do need these extra things, but getting distracted will make you spend more time at the pharmacy when you could’ve just had what you need delivered.

Price Checking

Should I get the brand name or the cheaper one? Do I have a rewards card at this store? If you’re trying to shop on a budget, you might find yourself subconsciously price shopping. Who knew there were so many different options and prices for pain reliever? This will only lead to more time spent at the store. Not fun. When you shop at SpotRx, you don’t have to price shop because you already know you’re getting the cheapest price.

Last-Minute Shopping

It’s normal to wait until you’re out of everything to go to the drugstore. Shopping for everything all at once will probably take a while. It would be so much easier to just add everything to your cart with one click. Well, that’s possible with SpotRx. Just go to the SpotRx website and add everything you need to your cart. Select zip code 85281 or 85282, and your items will be delivered in two hours.

If you don’t live within these zip codes—never fear—more delivery areas will be added soon. Stop spending too much time at the pharmacy or drugstore. Let SpotRX bring you the medicine and everyday essentials you need, no pants required. Except maybe put some on when you answer the door.

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