Safety protocols: How SpotRx is keeping you safe

SpotRx Pharmacy’s number one goal is the safety and health of our customers and our staff. During this period of uncertainty and the continued risk of exposure to COVID-19, SpotRx is implementing safety protocols for our delivery service and pharmacy.

Delivery safety protocols:
  1. The delivery agent will place your package at your door
  2. The delivery agent will knock or ring your doorbell
  3. They step away at least 6 feet away from the door
  4. Once you have your package in hand, ONLY then does the delivery agent leave
  5. We do not leave packages at your door and we NEVER leave your packages in your mailbox!


Pharmacy safety protocols:
  1. Only essential pharmacy staff is allowed in pharmacy.
  2. Our lobbies are converted into anterooms. Pharmacy staff will apply hand sanitizers when entering the pharmacy.
  3. Pharmacy staff will put on gloves and clean off all work areas.
  4. After cleaning the work areas, our employees dispose of cleaning supplies and remove gloves.
  5. Pharmacy staff will then wash with disinfecting soap and water up to the elbow.
  6. All surfaces and tools are routinely cleaned throughout the day.

Products that are delivered to our pharmacy:

  1. The pharmacy staff puts on clean gloves and mask
  2. All outer surfaces of the packaging are cleaned
  3. Each individual item is cleaned before entering the pharmacy

If you need to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy:

  1. Ring the doorbell to notify the pharmacy staff of your arrival
  2. A pharmacy staff member will put on clean gloves and mask to meet you at the door
  3. A staff member will relay your request to the internal team
  4. Once prepared, the staff at door will pass the package to you
  5. Staff member will remove and discards gloves and mask
  6. Pharmacy staff will then wash with disinfecting soap and water up to the elbow

Questions? Contact the pharmacy at 1-844-4-SPOTRX (477-6879). Our team is available Monday – Friday: 7am to 7pm; Saturday: 10am to 4pm; closed on Sunday.

For more information on how to protect yourself and others, click here.

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