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How much does TeleMedicine cost?

Feeling sick? SpotRx Health Pharm offers on-the-spot TeleMedicine & Lab Services. Consult with a live on-screen doctor and pick up...
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What is the OTC Shop?

Save up to 60% on over-the-counter products like allergy medications, pain relief, skin care, condoms and more. Visit our shop...
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What is an on-site Pharmacy?

Need your prescription? Transfer and fill your prescriptions at the on-site pharmacy kiosk. We offer up to 80% off common...
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How are lab tests ordered?

Lab tests are ordered by a telemedicine physician. During a telemedicine visit, you will discuss your symptoms with a physician...
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Can I get a Physical onsite?

No. We only perform certain diagnostic labs onsite. If you need a physical, please schedule with your primary care physician.
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