Green Valley Recreation, Inc. Member Centers to Install SpotRx Pharmaceutical Kiosks

GREEN VALLEY, Ariz. – Next-gen pharmacy SpotRx has entered a partnership with Green Valley Recreation, Inc. (GVR) to launch pharmaceutical kiosks in three of its 13 locations in southern Arizona.

The average Green Valley resident may be retired, but this community of active adults is precisely that: active.

“Our members might start their days with yoga, followed by a ceramics class or game of pinochle and then maybe they play a few matches of pickleball before lunch,” said GVR Communications Specialist & Fitness Coordinator Miles Waterbury. “Our members lead busy lives and will benefit from easy access to hundreds of over-the-counter and prescription medications SpotRx stocks in its kiosks, now at our Member Centers.”

SpotRx is changing the way people pharmacy. The model is dedicated to providing people with a convenient and personal pharmacy experience by placing kiosks in locations they frequent often. Just as with any pharmacy, patients will consult with a friendly, local on-screen pharmacist located in Tucson before their meds are dispensed. The kiosk is stocked with over-the-counter items, so they can even shop the drugstore.

“SpotRx is grateful for the partnership and support from Green Valley Recreation, Inc. and the community,” said Ed Kilroy, CEO of MedAvail Technologies, the parent company of SpotRx. “We look forward to the continued expansion of our new way to pharmacy.”

Not only are SpotRx kiosks convenient and discreet, but anyone with or without insurance can use them. If a user doesn’t have insurance or if medications are not covered, they can save up to 80 percent on a product.

SpotRx launched in Arizona last year and has kiosks throughout Arizona in grocery stores, healthcare facilities and recreation centers. In addition to its three GVR Member Center kiosks, SpotRx has a kiosk in CareMore Green Valley and four kiosks in Metro Tucson.

“SpotRx aims to put kiosks where residents visit most often, so they don’t have to make an extra trip to pick up medications,” Kilroy said. “We look to members of the community to tell us where they want to see us next.”

To view the official press release, visit: Green Valley Recreation to Install SpotRx Pharmaceutical Kiosks.

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