Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Head to the Nearest Drugstore for OTC Medications

Need something fast? The old way of shopping at a traditional drugstore has been redefined.

Enter SpotRx, an online pharmacy that delivers your over-the-counter medicine for free in two hours or less at the cheapest price.


Shopping online is way more convenient. Especially when you can get your over-the-counter medicine delivered in only two hours. Take advantage of buying what you need online and then going about your day until it’s delivered to your door in a couple hours. If you need something, order it! When you don’t have to pay for shipping, you can just order it when you need it.

Free Delivery

Some places take two days to ship. SpotRx only takes two hours and it’s free.

Shop Discreetly

Need to get some condoms? Running low on tampons? You’d rather NOT have to buy these things at the store, right? The SpotRx shopping experience is discreet and private. No awkward small talk or avoiding eye contact with the cashier.

Save Time

When you shop at a drugstore or pharmacy, you have to get in your car, find what you need at the store, check out, and drive home. What seems like a quick errand can end up costing you more time than you had planned.

Get Cheapest Prices

You might think you’re getting a great deal at the drugstore, but the prices at SpotRx are actually cheaper than drugstore prices. No need to price shop, just go shopping at SpotRx.

What is SpotRx?

SpotRx is your next-gen pharmacy, delivering an innovative and oh-so-satisfying experience to those who want convenience and value. Ready to start shopping? Head to their website to get started. Enter zip code 85281 or 85282. Then, your items will be delivered to you in two hours or less. If you don’t live within these zip codes, more delivery areas will be added soon, so check back for details.

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