How a Pharmacy Kiosk Makes Your Workplace More Efficient

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Healthcare staff can be stretched thin, especially during COVID-19. It’s common to have shortages of nurses, doctors, or assistants; just one missing link can lead to further strain on the already critical field of patient care.

That’s why SpotRx understands the concern some physicians may have about adding “pharmacy” to the list of clinic responsibilities. Doctor’s offices already have to deal with too many tasks, whether it’s haggling with insurance, writing prescriptions, scheduling patients, and making said patients feel truly valued in their service. The thought of pulling away a receptionist or medical assistant to handle pharmacy tasks feels dicey at best, and concerning at worst!

Luckily for physicians, SpotRx is here to handle all of a patient’s pharmacy needs so medication is the last thing your clinic needs to worry about. We assign Clinic Account Managers (CAMs) to free-of-charge who are here to be a partner-in-wellness for all of your patients. In fact, here are some of the services they offer:

1) Teach Patients How to Use Our Innovative Self-Serve Kiosks

Technology can be confusing for anyone, but especially for non-tech-savvy seniors. Luckily for clinics, CAMs are here to guide patients through the service of using our kiosks. They help patients answer all the questions provided of them, and explain the benefits of using the kiosk as opposed to going to CVS or Walgreens. All of that are tasks that your team doesn’t have to worry about.

2) Answer Patient Questions on Medications 

Patients often have a lot of inquires about medications. How often should they take them? What if they feel like the dosage isn’t working? Where can they receive their meds?

While doctors can be here to answer some of that, we understand that a physician’s office can’t dedicate all their time to being the A in “Q & A”. That’s why our CAMs are here to be a personal contact for a patient; in essence, they’re the concierge for our pharmacy, assisting them with all their questions and making their experience comfortable, not frustrating —  a boon for a clinic’s patient satisfaction score.

3) Follow-up to ensure medication adherence.

Gone are the days where you or your team have to worry about patients staying on track with their medications. SpotRx CAMs check in with patients to do the work for you, automating a process that improves patient medication adherence and their health. In the meantime, your team has the bandwidth to complete other tasks.

If that sounds too good to be true, you should know that it’s not! SpotRx is as free as free gets for physician offices. Our goal is to give patients an easier, more affordable, and convenient way to access pharmacy services, one with significantly less red tape and travel for them, and one that entirely handles the medication side of the clinic.

SpotRx is here to help physician offices and if you want to learn more about how we can lessen administrative load, contact us at 1-844-477-6879.

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