How In-Clinic Pharmacies Make Patients Happy

Pharmacist Holding a heart

We’ve all uttered these words at some point in our lives: “Ugh, I have to head to the doctor’s office.”

In our minds, even the most mundane and harmless check-up can become a sea of red-tape, confusion, and waiting. We here at SpotRx are out to change the purpose of health-care to a people and passion-driven industry. If you are a physician looking to offer the same thing, then this blog post is for you.

With our innovative pharmacy services, SpotRx is proud to offer a new way for medication to improve patient satisfaction. Doctor’s know all about the importance of keeping patients happy; satisfaction scores are tied into Medicare reimbursement rates, so it’s of the utmost importance that doctor’s keep patients satisfied with their care.

SpotRx is proud to be your partner in that. Our research has shown that pharmacies are a complicating part of their journey back to health; too often, they feel their big-box pharmacy chain is too impersonal, too hard-to-reach, and just too slow. Through no fault of the provider, the patient may become frustrated with the entire health care process and give everyone involved a terrible rating.

That’s what we’re out to change. To paraphrase “Jerry Maguire”, partnering with SpotRx helps us help you. We partner with physicians to offer nearly instant prescription fills and hand-deliver a patient’s meds to their doorstep. Because we feel it’s time that service becomes an important part of the health care vernacular.

And how does that affect patient satisfaction? Simple: Because they feel like you care. Take a second and step back to consider your last interaction with a customer-facing company. This could be the bank, your CPA, or even the grocery store cashier. A difficult process with these representatives can be made easier through the sympathy and caring attitudes of the person you speak to. In fact, a task you weren’t looking forward to can become even quite enjoyable.

So that’s what we at SpotRx set out to do: change the medication industry so that it feels like a service, not an obligation. By helping create a patient-first pipeline that answers questions and is here to help, we ensure that the patient feels valued, from physician visits to the pharmacy encounter

Sound like something that may interest you? Give us a call at 1-844-477-6879.

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