How to Ensure Medication Adherence with Patients

Medicine cabinet

For physicians, ensuring that patients are taking their medication is a vital step to better and healthier outcomes. There could be moments and many reasons when med adherence is hard to achieve.

The reasons could be innocent and understandable. Perhaps a patient missed a date to fill up their medicine bottle. Maybe fear of COVID-19 keeps them from going out to the pharmacy and filling their prescription.

A lack of medication adherence can lead to continued sickness; but while making sure patients take their meds on time is important, that can only happen if patients receive their meds on time. That’s where SpotRx Pharmacy comes in.

As a fully-credentialed pharmacy that specializes in streamlining medicine, SpotRx has all the right ingredients for making sure the patient follows their med schedule. We work hand-in-hand with physician offices to create a personalized plan of treatment that means better health at an easier cost. Our company helps improve medication adherence in the following ways:

1. Ease of Access

When a physician’s office signs up for SpotRx, they ensure patients are never more than a few footsteps away from their medications. Yep, we mean that.

That’s because our innovative kiosk service is directly planted inside a clinic, offering patients a way to immediately fill their doctor’s prescription before they step foot outside. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the retail pharmacy, or putting off med refills because they couldn’t get in the car today. Instead, the patient walks up to the kiosk, gets put on the phone with a SpotRx pharmacist, and inserts their prescription. The representative then goes over the treatment, and within a few moments, the medications are dispensed.

At SpotRx, we can prove that if you make medication access a seamless part of the healthcare journey, people will stay on that path.

2. Free Delivery

That’s why the second tenet of SpotRx is so important. Our free medication delivery services ensure that patient prescriptions are just a phone call away. Our concierge service receives a call,and drives to the patient’s home to hand-deliver their medications.

This benefit already saved people time and money for years, but in this time of COVID-19, when the distance is more important, the delivery service now plays a valuable role in keeping patients home and healthy. All physicians should love the sound of that.

3. Personalized Service

With SpotRx, a patient is anything but a number. They represent history, a lifestyle, a person whose wellness goals are our utmost priority. Our service works as an extension of the physician’s office; we receive a doctor’s prescription and not only give people the medication they need, but walk them through any questions or expectations they have on their meds.

This kind of people-first experience keeps medication on the forefront of patient’s mind, meaning they won’t slip up or forget to take their medications.

Are you a provider that has questions about using SpotRx? Give us a call at 1-844-477-6879.

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