How to Get Rid of a Hangover

How to Get Rid of a Hangover

You knew that fourth tequila shot wasn’t a good idea before you even took it. Or maybe you partied a little too hard at your best friend’s wedding. Perhaps you just decided to drown your sorrows over your ex’s new sweetheart in a bottle of cab. Whatever the reason, you are paying for it now. But before you can understand how to get rid of a hangover, you have to know why your body is reacting this way.

What is a hangover?

Alcohol increases your body’s urine output which can lead to dehydration. It also causes an electrolyte imbalance leading to dizziness. As if that wasn’t enough, alcohol also causes inflammation in your stomach and intestines which leads to nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea. When your blood alcohol level drops quickly, often so does your blood sugar level, often leaving you feeling jittery, fatigued and moody. But once you have over-indulged, how do you help your body get back to its normal state?


Even if you are feeling nauseous the morning after, it is important to hydrate with both water and an electrolyte beverage. The sodium and potassium in the electrolyte beverage will help rebalance your system while the calories will help regulate your blood sugar level. Be sure to avoid caffeinated beverages as these tend to increase dehydration and further irritate your stomach.

Eat Fruit

There has been some evidence that fructose – the sugar found in fruit – helps break down the alcohol sugars in your blood. Bananas are the ideal hangover food since they are easy on the stomach, contain valuable potassium to help regulate your electrolytes and have enough fructose to help minimize the effects of alcohol. Watermelon, cherries, applesauce, and mangoes are all great as well.

Take pain medication

Taking an over-the-counter pain medication can help relieve your hangover headache while you are hydrating and eating. While aspirin is often hard on your stomach, large doses of acetaminophen can cause undue strain on your liver while it attempts to metabolize the alcohol in your bloodstream. However, either is safe to take according to the package directions in this case.

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