Is Pharmacy a Good Career Choice?

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If you’re thinking about going into pharmacy as your career choice, you might be wondering if it’s a good option for you. Here are some practical questions to ask yourself before choosing pre-pharmacy as your college major.

Do I love science and math classes?

If you have a natural talent and interest for science and math in school, then pharmacy could be a good career path for you. Of course, the material will become more advanced as you progress through school, but if you have a desire for the topic, you’ll likely have a better chance of succeeding in school.

Do I want to help the public and improve patient care?

The Oath of a Pharmacist states that, “I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns.” If you want to make a living helping people, then pharmacy is a great career choice for you. Advocating for improved patient care and using your knowledge to provide optimal outcomes for your patients are among some of the duties of a trusted pharmacist.

Do I hold myself to high ethical standards?

A recent article published by Forbes revealed a study that ranked the top trusted professionals in America. Many healthcare professions, including pharmacy, were among the top trusted professions, with 62 percent feeling that pharmacists have high or very high honesty and ethical standards. A personal tendency toward high ethical standards and doing the right thing is an indication that you could prosper in the field of pharmacy.

What is the future of the industry?

It’s smart to look at the pharmacy industry to foresee any trends that may affect your job search. At a basic level, it’s a safe assumption that people will always seek medicine from a trusted health professional. Additionally, many disruptors, like SpotRx, are changing the industry for the better by utilizing new technology for an improved pharmacy experience. Companies like these provide more job opportunities for pharmacists.

Am I doing it for the money?

If you chose pharmacy because of the large salary, that’s a sign that you might be choosing this career for the wrong reasons. If you’re miserable in your career, you’ll probably end up making less money because you either left your job or had to go back to school to get another degree.

It is a fact that pharmacists do make a great salary. In 2016, the median annual salary for a pharmacist was $122,230, according to U.S. News. This is great news if you’re on track to become a pharmacist. While it is a good idea to consider the salary in your desired career field, it shouldn’t be the sole reason for choosing that career.

Are there job openings in my desired city?

Understanding the demand for pharmacists in your desired city is a practical way to foresee whether you’ll be able to land a job after school. Look at which companies are hiring, what the base salary is, and how many openings there are. If those factors are appealing to you, that’s a great sign.

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