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SpotRx Pharmacy is bringing the pharmacy to you, with our conveniently located pharmacy kiosks and free home delivery options. We discount your co-pay for 90-day supply and sync your meds. SpotRx is always free, just pay your copay.

Get started with one simple step!

Start by calling us at  1-844-4-SPOTRX  (1-844-477-6879) or use our online transfer form. Your doctor can send a new Rx directly to us, no account needed. Just tell them to send it to “SpotRx Pharmacy, please.” You can also get started by downloading our app and transfer your prescriptions by uploading images of the label. 

We coordinate with your old pharmacy and insurance plan. We will even sync your meds.

That is it! Switch in minutes – we just need your name, address, phone number, and current pharmacy.

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