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SpotRx operates as a traditional pharmacy, but cooler! When you are prescribed a medication, ask your doctor to call it in to SpotRx Pharmacy. When your prescription is ready, SpotRx will send you a notification through our online app or via email where you can pick it up at the nearest SpotRx kiosk. At the kiosk, you will follow the instructions on the screen to speak with a friendly, on-screen pharmacist who will discuss and dispense the medication to you.

If you already have a reoccurring prescription, you can simply transfer your prescriptions to the SpotRx kiosk by visiting or from the mobile app. The SpotRx pharmacists will take it from there and let you know when your next prescription is ready.

SpotRx hold hundreds of commonly prescribed medications and drugstore items. Before dispensing each item, the pharmacist will virtually examine and label your prescription to ensure you’re getting the medication you need from our nearest central pharmacy location out of Phoenix and Tucson. If you’re curious to see if your medication is in a kiosk near you, simply call our pharmacy to find out.

Customer Support: 1-877-306-3026
Pharmacy (Phoenix): 1-877-306-3026
Pharmacy (Tucson): 1-800-715-1354

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