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Contacting the doctor/prescriber

Our pharmacists provide all the services you’d expect from any other pharmacy. If your doctor or insurance needs to be contacted, SpotRx will make the call and get back to you as soon as possible. We’re here to help you get the right medication at the right price and get on with your day.

What’s in the Intel Campus SpotRx Pharmacy kiosk?

The SpotRx pharmacy kiosk contains commonly prescribed medications* and offers a variety of over-the-counter products to help with day-to-day ailments. Speak with a live pharmacist by selecting “Speak with a Pharmacist” at any SpotRx kiosk. The pharmacist will let you know what inventory is available at that location, as well as advise you on other […]

What if I am using my spouse’s insurance, not Intel’s?

The SpotRx kiosks work just like any other pharmacy. This means that no matter what your insurance plan, the pharmacist will submit the prescription claim and provide details on what medications and quantities are included in your coverage. Our full-service pharmacy accepts most major insurance plans. Over 9,000 insurance plans are accepted. We are the […]

Is the SpotRx Pharmacy kiosk safe?

Absolutely. The SpotRx kiosk is monitored and protected by a variety of security measures to keep your prescriptions safe and controlled, including quality control, maintenance, and hands-on pharmacy oversight. Additionally, when you get your prescription, a live pharmacist will remotely inspect your prescription document and the medication to ensure the correct medication is dispensed. SpotRx […]

I have Express Scripts prescription insurance; how does that work with the SpotRx kiosk?

Express Scripts and SpotRx work together to provide you with the same great coverage you currently have. You will have 90-day supply, in-network coverage so you can keep using your Express Scripts plan when you pick up at the on-campus kiosks. Questions? Call 1-844-4-SPOTRX (1-844-477-6879).

How much will it cost to use SpotRx Pharamcy?

There is no additional fee to use our kiosk. Just like any other in-network pharmacy, your medications will be priced similarly to other preferred pharmacies. Copays/coinsurance will be determined by your prescription insurance plan and our pharmacy will be able to provide further information on your specific medications.

Why are these kiosks being installed on the Intel campus?

Intel values the health of their employees and the SpotRx pharmacy kiosks provide a fast, convenient way for employees to get the medications they need. See a list of other locations. Questions? Call 1-844-4-SPOTRX (1-844-477-6879).

What if I am enrolled in a plan that is not Express Scripts?

No Express Scripts? No Problem. SpotRx Pharmacy operates like any other pharmacy and will work with you and your insurance plan to find the medication you need at the most affordable price available. Simply select “Speak with a Pharmacist” to find out what coverage options are available for your medication with your insurance plan. If […]

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