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Refilling prescriptions

We can refill your prescripts in several ways: Call the pharmacy – Call us at 1-844-4-SPOTRX (1-844-477-6879) and a friendly pharmacy staff will set-up your refill. Online –Sign on to your account portal. You will see a list of your prescriptions available for refill on the home page. On our app – Sign on to […]

When does SpotRx Pharmacy deliver?

We will deliver your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for free, next day in the morning and afternoon times to your door, care facility or work. In some cases if your insurance company asks for more information from your doctor, or if you have a rare medication that we do not carry in inventory, then we […]

Can someone else receive my medication delivery on my behalf?

Yes! Please let the pharmacy know that someone else will receive your delivery and provide their first and last name as well as a contact phone number. Please make sure that the designated person is over 18 years old and has an ID. The courier may ask for their identification to verify their identity. When […]

If the medication isn’t in stock, how do I receive it?

If the medication your physician prescribed is not available inside the kiosk, our pharmacy can next-day deliver the medication to you for free or our pharmacy can get just about any medications for you stocked inside the kiosks. However, we do not stock certain medications like controlled medications or refrigerated prescriptions inside the kiosks. With […]

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