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SpotRx Pharmacy is anything but a chain pharmacy. We are a full-service local pharmacy committed to your well-being. We are the type of pharmacy made up of friendly, caring pharmacists and staff who carry prescriptions straight to your door. We are also people who take pleasure in looking after people and hope to take care of you for years to come. We opened our doors in 2018 and continue to grow every year.


Our service

We work hand-in-hand with your doctor and insurance to get the medications you need at the lowest price available. We can sync your prescriptions, provide medication consultations, and recommend other health and wellness services to support you.


Free home delivery

We deliver for free, next-day, right to your door. No more waiting in line at the pharmacy or your meds being lost in the mail. Our TSA certified couriers deliver all of your meds right you. See our delivery zones


Pick up

Pick up your medications right in the lobby of your doctor’s office with our innovative self-service pharmacy kiosk. Don’t worry, you can still speak to a live pharmacist! You can also stop by one of our pharmacy locations. See our locations.


Call 1-844-4-SPOTRX (1-844-477-6879).


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