Medical groups

At SpotRx we believe strongly in the idea of embedding pharmacy services into the clinic as a way of driving improved outcomes. However real estate restrictions, not to mention the administrative and financial burden of running a pharmacy, often make this impossible. That is why we developed a solution that provides medical groups with a full onsite pharmacy and access to a live pharmacist at zero cost to them.

Partnership model

We partner with Medical Groups to install a SpotRx Medcenter Kiosk within their clinics. We integrate into office workflow to ease the burden of prescription administration on office staff and we enable clinicians to e-prescribe to us like they would any other pharmacy. We work together to optimize the Medcenter inventory, build pharmacy protocols and work collaboratively to take the best possible care of patients.

Our solution allows for:
  • A convenient, safe and fast dispense of all prescription medications. Both first fill and refills.
  • Access to attractively priced OTC medications and products.
  • We are in network and/or a preferred pharmacy with most insurance plans, can process co-payments and offer market leading pricing on out of pocket medications.

Health plans

We work with Health Plans to improve pharmacy access and adherence for their members. We offer access to a local network of Medcenters and as well as home delivery. We co-promote our services as a member benefit and work with plans to improve their Star Ratings and CAHPS scores. We will also partner with health plans to identify key provider groups in their network where we can deploy our solution and impact a large number of their members.


We work with large Employers to deploy our pharmacy solution within their offices and on their campus sites. We partner with HR departments and pharmacy benefit managers to promote our pharmacy solution as an employee benefit, and will integrate with employer site medical clinics to enable easy e-prescribing and access to both acute and chronic medications.

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The future of healthcare is making the patient the center of the map. SpotRx has brought 5-star service to our organization and put us in the front of the pack. My patients love it!

-Mark Herrington,
Caremore Medical Group
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