Pharmacy Near Me that Delivers Items Same Day? Impossible

There are a lot of things that seemed impossible just a few decades ago.

Carrying the power of an entire desktop computer in your pocket? Impossible! Streaming videos on that pocket computer? Preposterous! Wasting hours posting pictures of yourself with different filters on social media? Well… that one we would have believed at any point in time. Still, the idea that there is a pharmacy near you that delivers items the same day you order them may still seem out of reach.

We do the impossible.

If you live in the 85281 and 85282 zip codes, you can now have your over-the-counter health and beauty items delivered to you in the same day. Simply click here, select one of hundreds of items including cold medicines, feminine hygiene items, contraceptives, vitamins, pain relievers, and first aid supplies, and check out. In the same day, many times within two hours, your items will be handed to you directly by a friendly delivery driver (what a relief!). Best of all, many of your favorite brand-name health and beauty aids are available at up to 60 percent off their original prices.

Imagine the possibilities.

It may not be inventing airplanes or the internet, but pharmacy delivery can change your life just the same. Imagine getting home in the evening with a splitting headache only to find you are out of over-the-counter pain relief. Do you really want to get in your car and drive to the pharmacy? Or perhaps you forget that you took your last allergy pill yesterday and wake up to an empty bottle. Are you willing to sneeze your way through your day because you don’t have time to go to the drug store? Even if you have your life completely together, think of the time and money you will save with pharmacy delivery. No more impulse purchases at the check stand. No more wandering the aisles looking for the right product. No more having to put on pants when you feel crummy or feeling… decidedly less crummy. (SpotRx offers sexual health products too!)

Believe the impossible is now within your reach. Check out the products offered at SpotRx and start enjoying the future of pharmacy delivery. Don’t live within our current service area? We are adding to our range all the time. Sign up to receive our email updates and find out when you can join the future.

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