SpotRx Pharmacy is certified by LegitScript


“LegitScript has reviewed SpotRx Pharmacy as part of our certification program, and has determined that it meets our standards for legality, safety and transparency! That means that we monitor this merchant regularly.” Certification look-up

The internet has changed the world for the better in so many ways. But it has also provided a platform for unscrupulous product sellers and service providers. Every day these shady operators rake in cash at the expense of public health—often with devastating consequences. Just ask the Pennsylvania woman who suffered permanent blindness in one eye after being injured by a product she bought on Amazon.

Consumers assume products and services they buy online have been properly tested and vetted. Yet governments and regulators around the world are still grappling with how to keep dangerous products and deceitful businesses off the internet.

LegitScript is trying to fix this problem. The company monitors millions of websites and merchants and informs businesses, governments, and the public about which commercial entities are legitimate, legal, and trustworthy. LegitScript Certification provides a recognized stamp of approval for healthcare merchants.

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