The Cheap Drugstore Alternative You Haven’t Heard About (Yet)

Shopping for health and beauty supplies at a drug store can be an expensive, dull affair.

Not only do you have to put on pants when you don’t feel well or are out of something important, you have to drive to the pharmacy, walk through the aisles, make small talk with the person at the register, and pay way more than you want to for that one thing you needed. Fortunately, there is a cheap drugstore alternative you probably haven’t heard about (yet.)

On-demand pharmacy delivery to 85281 and 85282

SpotRx is the first online discount pharmacy that delivers all of your health and beauty needs to your doorstep in two hours or less. Just visit the website, select your favorite name brand products and check out. In the time it takes you to watch that one movie everyone is talking about, you can have your over-the-counter health and beauty products on your doorstep.

Great deals on great products without the hassle

Imagine getting all of the name brand over the counter products you love at up to 60 percent off the regular price. Pay less for pain relievers. Find deals on first aid supplies. Stop wasting money on expensive women’s health products. Best of all, there’s no card to keep track of, no sales ads to read, no coupons to clip. Just great deals at the click of a button delivered to your door.

Stop wasting time driving around looking for the best deals on the products you buy the most. Visit SpotRx for a complete listing of our available products and see how much you can save.

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