Top Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss doesn’t just affect your scalp. It can affect your whole body. Anybody can experience hair loss, however, hair loss in men is most common. There are a number of causes of hair loss, including:

Family History (Heredity)

The most common hair loss cause is the hereditary condition known as male-pattern baldness or in women — female-pattern baldness. It tends to occur gradually with age and in a predictable pattern — bald spots and a receding hairline in males and thinning hair in females.

Hormonal Imbalances

Men have the hormone testosterone. It’s responsible for muscular growth, deeper voices, sex drive, and other things. As testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is less useful, you may experience loss of hair. DHT attacks hair follicles and shrinks them, resulting in hair thinning or loss of hair.

Medical Issues

Temporary loss of hair could be a sign of a health condition like thyroid problems or anemia. A low iron or protein diet can also lead to hair thinning.


Many chemotherapy medications used to treat cancer and some anticoagulants are known to cause hair loss as well as too much vitamin A.


If you’ve been under a great deal of pressure at home or at work, you could possibly blame stress for your hair loss. Excessive emotional or physical stress can lead to your hair stopping its normal growth, falling out a couple months later. Fortunately, stress-related hair loss isn’t typically permanent.

There are medications for the treatment of pattern (hereditary) baldness. For example, there’s Rogaine. Rogaine is a nonprescription (over-the-counter) medication approved for both men and women. You’ll find it in a foam or liquid form you rub each day into your scalp. Also, be sure to always read the warning labels for contradictions, side effects, allergies, and other adverse complications and ask your doctor before using.

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