What Can A Pharmacy Kiosk Do For You?

What a Pharmacy Kiosk Can Do For You

Wouldn’t it be nice to not need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy after your doctor’s appointment? Not only is it an unnecessary use of your time, but it helps you avoid those impulse buys at the register!

Simply put, there’s no need to waste your time or hard-earned cash. That’s why SpotRx is proud to offer an innovative solution to save you time and money: the SpotRx MedCenter kiosk.

Gone are the days of waiting in line and being viewed as just a number by overworked pharmacists. This unique technology personalizes your pharmacy experience, turning it into an experience to which you can look forward. These kiosks are available in SpotRx pharmacies or embedded in doctor’s offices in select states. They offer:

1) Ease of Access
SpotRx MedCenter kiosks are embedded in select doctor’s offices within the Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Orlando metro areas. Placed with the consent of the physicians, they allow patients the opportunity to see their doctor, receive their prescription, and immediately fill it before leaving the building.

This access-first benefits patients for multiple reasons. One, it streamlines their healthcare experience, leaving them more satisfied with the care they receive. Second, it increases the odds that they will stay on the medication path their doctor prescribes, which vastly improves the likelihood of a healthier outcome.

2) Peace of Mind
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were reasons to be stressed out over making an extra trip to the pharmacy. Some people are saddled with medical conditions that make moving around (and transportation, for that matter) almost impossible. Then imagine the stress of standing in a crowded line and waiting your turn, only to deal with a stressed-out pharmacy staff that doesn’t have time to listen to your concerns or fully answer your questions.

SpotRx eliminates all of that, with technology that gives you the ultimate peace of mind. All you need to do is press the “START” button on our kiosk screen, and the process begins. You’ll be connected to a live pharmacist and be asked to submit your prescription through a feeder in the kiosk (similar to depositing a check at the ATM, for example). Once the SpotRx pharmacist has your prescription, they’ll go over it with you and answer any questions you have. Then, they’ll release the medication to you, ready to be implemented into your daily routine.

This process simplifies pharmacy for everyone, and help you view getting your medication in a much calmer way.

3) 600+ Medication Options
We’re not just here to offer you a few allergy medications. No, a single MedCenter kiosk offers hundreds of prescriptions that can be dispensed. Combine it with the vast knowledge of our pharmacists and your doctor, and you have a machine that acts as a medication encyclopedia for getting you back to health.

4) Doctor-Approved Care
This is what we’re most proud of. By offering SpotRx MedCenter kiosks in a doctor’s office, we’re providing a direct line of care from your physician to the pharmacy. This ensures multiple people are looking out for your health and your wallet. We’re not here to gouge you with high prices on prescriptions; we’re here to work with your doctor in giving you the easiest and cheapest path back to a healthier you.

Interested? Give us a call at 1-844-477-6879 for more info.

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