What is Virtual Healthcare and Can you Trust it?

It doesn’t matter if you call it virtual health care or telemedicine, technology has become a fixture in the way we access our health care providers.

The question is, can you trust it to offer you the same high-quality care you would receive if you dragged your sick, injured or broken body into the doctor’s office?

No more compromising your already compromised immune system

Studies are now confirming what we’ve already known. Your doctor’s office is a Petri dish of germs. One study even found that children are 3.2 percent more likely to get sick after visiting the doctor, even if they were well during their visit. Virtual healthcare helps minimize your exposure to the germ party by letting a physician see you via webcam. After describing your symptoms and performing basic tests (like taking your temperature) your telemedicine provider can either make a treatment plan or ask that you come into the office for further examination or testing. No more having your sniffles turn into the flu thanks to the guy coughing next to you in the waiting room.

Only take the necessary tests

The truth is, most of the time you do not need diagnostic testing when you go to the doctor’s office. Most colds will go away on their own. Most viruses will run their course. Most sprained ankles are just sprains. Physicians regularly rely on a patient’s description of their symptoms to determine a diagnosis. In most cases, a simple exam is enough to create a treatment plan and prescribe medications. Virtual healthcare is a check and balance against unnecessary testing. If your physician truly cannot make an accurate assessment over a webcam, you will need to see them in their office. Otherwise, more minor complaints can be addressed without expensive tests.

The benefits of virtual healthcare are many, not the least of which is having a physician listen to your complaint, perform a virtual exam and make a treatment plan without having to put on pants. Just make sure to point your webcam accordingly. Best of all, if your virtual provider suggests over-the-counter medicines, you don’t even have to put on pants to drag yourself to the pharmacy. Let SpotRX deliver your medications to you in the 85281 and 85282 zip codes, for free, in two hours or less.

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